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Our Handcrafted Roof Tile Tradition

Vande Hey Raleigh was founded in 1977 and has become master craftsmen in the art of tile roof making by creating custom crafted roof tiles. We continue to craft roofs of distinction using a rich palette of styles and colors, a blend of tradition and innovation. Above all, Vande Hey Raleigh roof tiles are made with that most rare ingredient: time. In this era of mass production, we take the time to lavish each one of our tiles with handcrafted precision, the time to innovate new products and processes, and the time to develop enduring customer relationships.

If you dream it, we can create it. Inspired by the finest artists, our design teams work closely with each of our customers to create the distinctive look you are looking for. Our custom crafted roof tiles are impeccably hand-tooled to give your roof a precise fit and a distinctive appearance. Because of this precision, Vande Hey Raleigh roof tiles currently grace historical buildings, stately homes and office developments throughout the United States, Canada, and the world.

Vande Hey Raleigh roof tiles, designed for extreme climates, are virtually resistant to the passing of time, the ravages of weather and the hazards of fire. Our roof tile systems withstand wind-driven rain, absorb minimal moisture and defy termites, rodents and rot. Our tile meets or exceeds industry requirements for strength, water absorption, permeability, freeze-thaw, wind uplift, combustibility, dimensions, and weight.

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Why Consider a Tile Roof?


There is not a roofing product on the market that can duplicate the bold and rich look of Vande Hey Raleigh concrete tile.

With nine styles and over 200 standard colors, your roof will be unique. Vande Hey Raleigh specializes in blending or sequencing any color you choose directly into your custom tile roof. Whether you desire the look of rough cedar, Spanish barrel tile or the look of slate, Vande Hey Raleigh will create a concrete tile that is especially designed for you. Why have the same roof as your neighbor down the street when you can have the roof you desire without compromise?


While many products including slate, clay, shingles and cedar are attached directly to the roof deck resulting in hot attic temperatures in the summer and ice damming in the winter, Vande Hey Raleigh roof tiles are attached to furring strips that are ported every 16 inches. This creates an air space between the tile and the substrate and allows the area to "breathe." The results are lower attic or ceiling temperatures (approximately 30%) and consistent temperature ranges during winter months reducing ice damming.


Asphalt shingles carry a limited warranty of up to 35 years. Most are pro-rated (declining value) and are nontransferable.

Vande Hey Raleigh carries a lifetime transferable, limited warranty which is a highly desirable benefit when selling your home. Compare our warranty to the others; you will be happy you did.


Although the initial cost of a Vande Hey Raleigh tile roof may seem expensive, the overall cost over the years of ownership will be less. Reduced energy costs and limited maintenance throughout the years, makes a tile roof a sound investment.

A Vande Hey Raleigh tile roof will add present day value as well as added resale value to your home, just as a stone or brick exterior.

A Vande Hey Raleigh tile roof is an investment in your home.