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Shake Roof Tile by Vande Hey Raleigh

Shake Roof Tile

The wood-like appeal of Shake roof tile makes it a natural choice to recreate the charm of turn-of-the-century American tile roofing. Shake roof tile richly replicates the natural beauty of a real wood shake with its rough-hewn top surface, ragged edges and rugged butts, but with the peace of mind of a Class-A fire rating. Each custom-crafted concrete tile is raked in even strokes or brushed in an uneven pattern to impart the natural depth, distinction and shadows of real wood. Shake tile roofing is often laid in a staggered pattern, a technique perfected by Vande Hey Raleigh. Staggered patterns are available for other flat roof tile styles, such as Slate, Brushed and Cotswold Stone.

All of our Shake Roof Tile is available in any of our custom colors. View color options.

"This is a tile that is specifically developed for cold weather, and is well suited to the harsh New Jersey coast; which see extremes from over one hundred degrees to well below zero. Also, the nature of the tile molds and production is such that Vande Hey tiles have a much more natural and organic style and feel than the other concrete tile products I've used."

~Paul Kiss - Architect