Concrete Tile Roof Options

Vande Hey Raleigh manufacturers concrete roof tile for all roofing applications. Our hand crafted, Artistic roof tile is a wonderful choice for a unique looking roof and can be made to look like clay and slate roofing tile. Concrete tile can be used for new or replacement roofing projects.

  • Modern Slate Roof Tile

    A true historical replacement for natural slate roofs. Modern slate features a smooth-surface tile, particularly attractive in natural gray and slate colors. more »

  • Custom Brushed Roof Tile

    The hand brushed roof tile, a replica of the last century. It is often laid in the staggered pattern perfected by Vande Hey Raleigh. more »

  • Shake Roof Tile

    A beautiful roof tile which simulates wood shakes. The top surface and exposed ends are raked in an uneven pattern creating an extreme shadow design. more »

  • Cotswold Stone Roof Tile

    A unique roofing tile with an antiquated surface which emulates the centuries old and most striking stone roofs which adorn the limestone barns, cottages, manors and churches of Cotswold, England. more »

  • High Barrel Roof Tile

    This distinctive style was specially created to recall the majestic villas of Europe and provide the charm of old Mexico. more »

  • Riviera Roof Tile

    A semi-flat tile with beveled ribs exposed to the surface. Particularly effective where bold shadow patterns are desired. more »

  • Turrets, Pans and Covers

    Tapered Turret Shingles are custom designed to add beauty and grace to your unique curved or turret roof design. Spanish turret also available. more »

  • English Shingle Roof Tile

    This non-tapered shingle can be custom sized to match existing shingles on roofs and additions. It can be used on small roof areas, over bowed windows or as siding on dormers. All shingles can be ordered with a smooth surface texture or with a custom surface texture. more »

  • Specialty Roof Tile

    Sometimes there is a need for a custom tile that looks different than all the rest; a look and feel unlike anything else on the market, one that truly stands alone. Vande Hey Raleigh's "specialty" tiles will define the personality... more »

  • Copper Accessories

    Vande Hey Raleigh provides a comprehensive collection of specialty trim flashings, snow guards, copper gutters, cupolas and weathervanes to compliment your roofing project. Custom copper diamond shingles offer a unique roofing alternative. more »

  • Salvaged Tile

    Through our affiliate, Tile Roofs, Inc. Vande Hey Raleigh offers salvaged historic vintage clay and concrete roof tile and fittings for roof repair, historic restoration and new construction. We have one of the largest stocks of old reclaimed vintage roofing tile, tile fittings, and slate. more »

  • Tile Credit Program

    VHR Tile Roof offers a Tile Credit Program in that we can take your old roof tile for credit on new VHR Roof Tiles. Instead of sending the old tile to the landfill, why not see if there is some value to your old slate or clay tile roof material. more »